Coffee Coders

The office sim you never knew you needed

Keep one eye on the timer, one eye on the bug count, and one eye on the coffee machine! Fuel your team of coders and make sure they are working in the right department - writing code or fixing bugs! You are the boss and you have just 11 sprints to get this software project shipped!

Recommended equipment

Desktop computer (1024x768 screen or larger) with mouse and keyboard

It might work on a tablet. A phone is probably too small.

How to play

Aim: to make your "lines of code" go above the goal number, while keeping your "bugs" below its maximum threshold.

To change a coder's job, click one of the tools at the top left (WRITE CODE or FIX BUGS) and then click the coder.

To brew coffee, click the coffee machine and then select one of the 7 coffee types from the menu.

To deliver coffee or food to your coders, drag and drop it with the mouse. Try to deliver the one they are asking for!

Pause by pressing p.

Be vigilant. Be quick. Be prepared to retry as many times as needed.

If it's panic stations, the fire extinguisher might be a last resort...


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Good Job !