Can you fry an egg in 60 seconds?

Of course you can... but can you make it look good?


Click the tools. Click the pan. Move the mouse over the pan to tilt it in different directions.

Tools (shortcut key)

1. Cooking oil. Makes the pan slippery, the more you add. (1)

2. Eggs! Use at least one, and make sure it has time to cook. (2)

The following tools become available in the last 15 seconds (because you just can't be trusted with them):

3. Salt. Makes your egg creation look seaworthy. (3)

4. Pepper. Makes me sneeze. (4)

5. Ketchup. A necessity on my fried eggs, please. (5)

6. Brown sauce. It's a British thing, sorry. (6)


Take your time. Use the sides of the pan to crop your eggs. Try flipping a bad egg out of the pan! Plan ahead to have time for condiments.

By the way, I decided to make the pan wobble all over, just like when my grandmother makes eggs. If this gives you epilepsy or some parasitic blood disease, you can disable it with the blue "P" toggle.


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A bit lost in how to play / win the game even with the instructions o_o

I would like to play the game, but i don't know why the pan is stuck on the right side. maybe you can try to fix that? but anyway, it looks quite interesting and the sound is pretty good.

My apologies. All testing was done in Chrome. I have now updated the game to work in hopefully all major browsers.

ok, great game! me and my team think that your game is really great!

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My Masterpiece

A nice game! I actually tried achieving the goal for the first few minutes but I eventually gave up and tried making the worst fried eggs I possibly could. It was a lot of fun but I wish you could restart from in the game instead of having to reload the page.

EDIT: I english no good.

Thanks! Point noted, a future version will have a reset button.

I agree, just playing with the ingredients at the end was the best part. 10/10 condiment simulator.

Good game, I couldnt find a way to restart :/, but besides that I really liked this entry !