You are the last soldier left standing to defend your country from hordes of invaders. You are in the firing seat of the most advanced Anti-Aircraft Gun known to man. The future of humanity depends on your skill and strategy!

Your mission: to shoot down any enemy aircraft and the paratroopers they will drop to try to dislodge you from your position. Press 'space' to fire bullets into the skies. Aim your gun left and right using the arrow keys.

You can move the gun faster by holding the shift key (but you have more accuracy without it).

Planes: Shoot them down to gain extra ammo, and prevent them releasing more paras!

Paras: Shoot them to bits before they land! If you let them land, they will trek to your bunker before teaming up to overthrow you.

Your Gun: Your state-of-the-art bunker can hold off 1 or 2 paras, but 3 on one side will be the end of you.

Grenades: Inevitably some paras will slip past your bullets and gather at your bunker. You can blow them away with a grenade tossed left (z) or right (x). Don't waste any, because you'll need them later!

Good luck, your people are depending on you!

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