A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tom's Piano

A game made in 2 weekends for the Movie Game Jam in February 2018. Also my first (and possibly last!) game with the Godot engine.

Input: Keyboard only

  • QWERTYUIOP[] plays the white keys
  • SDFHJL;' plays the black keys
  • Hold [Shift] to play as Robert instead of Tom (Free Jazz mode)
  • [Enter] switches between Call/Response mode and Free Jazz mode
  • I'm sorry if the piano doesn't map nicely to your keyboard!


In Call/Response mode, your future boss Robert shows you a short sequence of notes (the call), then you, as Tom, have to replicate that sequence (the response) on your end of the piano, to score points. When you score points, Zoltar's face lights up (your points can also go down if you play incorrect notes).

In Free Jazz mode, you are free to try and improvise some jazz using both pianists. The backing tracks are by Lobo Loco (downloaded from http://freemusicarchive.org).

Technical note

The game should open up and play in 800x600 resolution. Please don't try to fullscreen it because that would probably screw up the graphics (I should say: screw them up more than they naturally are!)

Windows and Linux builds haven't been tested. If the program asks for internet access you can safely deny it - it doesn't need it.

Where to go from here?

Hopefully not to court!


TomsPiano-1.1-Mac.zip 57 MB
TomsPiano-1.1-Win.exe 72 MB
TomsPiano-1.1-Linux.bin 82 MB

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